WULKAN wheel washers

  • 200
  • 300
  • 300H
  • 360P
  • 360HP
  • 4x4HP
  • Combo Q
  • F1 RACE
  • 500HP


A wheel washer is a machine which supports servicing of wheels. It is used for process washing of full car wheels, consisting of the rim and the tyre. The efficiency of process washing in the WULKAN wheel washers is sufficient for the wheel to be subjected to any servicing activities and meets the necessary requirements in this scope. Using the wheel washer for washing the wheel before servicing activities such as balancing makes the job more precise. This translates directly into safety and comfort of driving.

 All our wheel washers have the following features:

  • - they are fully automatic
  • - they use the washing method consisting in striking the wheel with a pressurized mixture of water and the WULKAN MIX granulate, with addition of the WULKAN TURBO washing concentrate
  • - they operate in a closed-circuit water system
  • - they use the natural self-cleaning method based on sedimentation phenomenon
  • - they are easy to install and operate
  • - they save energy
  • - they are equipped with ergonomic housing
  • - they are environmentally friendly

 Benefits of WULKAN wheel washers:

  • - high efficiency of the washing process
  • - easier and more precise servicing operations
  • - improved driving safety and comfort
  • - cleaner and neater workshop
  • - prolonged lifetime of car and truck service equipment
  • - better work environment for the personnel
  • - working time more effectively used
  • - improved quality of customer service
  • - low operating costs

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